Apr 27, 2008

Agents of Change.

I still often encounter a quizzical look when I say that I am a Certified Business Coach. I am sure that I don't meet the expectations when baseball comes to mind. Well, I am not that kind of a Coach.
Coaches are agents of change and just like a baseball or basketball coach we work with teams or individuals so that they are at their best.
Whether a Coach is called a Life Coach, an Organizational Coach, a Business Coach or one of the many other creative labels that have become part of the coaching world, in essence they all work with people who would like to create positive change in some particular area of their life.

Everyone encounters barriers or has to deal with behaviors that get in the way of a quality life that gives pleasure and brings success. We have dreams and desires. We can envision what we want in our lives, but how to attain it is often not clear to us. Self-help books give guidance and direction but they do not make us proactive and powerful. Only we, ourselves can do that. In fact, we can only make changes if we want to make them. We cannot make someone change. Coaches do not make changes, they are agents of change and have access to their 'toolbox', which contains various techniques to guide and assist to make change happen.

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